Fragrance Library

We try our best to describe to you what our candles smell like. So when they arrive to your home, you are ready to light and enjoy 

Jamaica Please - Take me to the island. Vacation Please! Top, middle and base notes include pineapple, orange jasmine, honeydew, coconut, vanilla and rum. 

Grandma's Lemon Pound Cake  - My grandmother Williams is known for her baked goods but her lemon pound cake is her favorite! As long as grandma feels good there is a lemon pound cake waiting for you when you walk in her door. Top, middle and base notes include lemon, lemon peel, vanilla, sugar, and butter.

Aunt Betty's Blueberry Pie - As a kid we always picked blueberries in July for my Aunt Betty. When she would visit North Carolina she never left without leaving us a pie. Top, middle and base notes include blueberry, butter, sugar, and graham cracker.

Grown Man - All I can say is when you smell this one the first thing that will come to your mind is "That's a grown man right there" Top, middle and base notes include peppercorn, ginger, spice, tobacco leaf, sandalwood, amber and dark musk. 

White Sage & Lavender - Simple, Clean and Soft. Top, middle and base notes include lavender, sage, rosemary, sandalwood and cedarwood.
Full Bloom- Short and sweet.. Spring is HERE!! Top, middle and base notes include lily of the valley, green leaves, pear, lilac, rose, jasmine, vanilla and carnation.
Gardenia- You name it and Grandma had it in her yard. If they gave out the yard of the week signs she would have it every week. Yard was full of southern magnolia's, maple tree, bradford pear tree, gardenia bushes to azalea brushes that grew to be as big as trees. It was in our yard. Nothing like sitting on the porch feeling the breeze and smelling the gardenia bush. Top, middle and base notes include gardenia, lemon peel, tuberose, jasmine, green floral and powder.

Honeysuckle- We had a honeysuckle bush on the fence till my granddaddy cut it down, I loved to sneak and get a sweet flower every chance I got. We would walk to the store to get penny candy, there was a honeysuckle bush we loved to stop at as long as the bees let us get a taste. Top, middle, and base notes include lemon, ginger, jasmine, honeysuckle, wood, violet, amyris and powder.

Vibe- GOOD VIBES ONLY! Turn any mood into a Vibe! Relaxation at it best. Top, middle, and base notes include lemongrass, lime, lemon. Middle soft floral scent of jasmine black currant with a hint of sugar. Base notes of patchouli and powder.

Carolina Coast - Growing up in Fayetteville, a day trip to the Carolina crystal coast didn't take long. As a child I can remember the fragrances of our beloved beaches. With 300 miles of coastline its a lot of beach to enjoy in North Carolina. Top, middle and base notes include lemon, red currant, rosemary, honey, jasmine, sea salt, geranium and amber. 

Southern Girl- Playful yet sophisticated. Her southern charms wins them over all the time. Top, middle and base notes include mandarin, grapefruit, nectarine, rose peony, pink pepper, sandalwood, cedar and musk.

Watermelon- Watermelon reminds you of the watermelon airhead candy.

South Carolina Peach - Every peach season, my granddaddy would stop by the man in Haymount Hill. This scent reminds me so much of those peaches. SC Peach has notes of mandarin, raspberry, coconut, peach, plum, violet, vanilla & sugar.

Suit & Tai- this scent was created by my brother at our first candle lit party. It’s named after him cause he mixed it to create it. If you know my brother, our granddaddy kept us in church & my brother has been public speaking since he was 8 so he always had to dress up(suit) and Tai is his family nickname.

Grapefruit- has notes of Orange peel. orange, mango, grapefruit, mint, apple & red currant

Cartoons-Saturday morning growing up tasted & smelled like this!

Bonfire-   Nothing says fall to us than a win on a Friday night football game, good music, food and fun. Than a night gathered around a fire. Trust me someone near by has some marshmallows too. Let this scent bring you the coziness of being with family and friends.Top, middle and base notes include saffron, ozone, sandalwood, sugar, marshmallow, smoke, patchouli, oak and embers.

Southern Delight- Just know this one is exactly what it says! I mean we try our best to describe all of our candles. Adrian hasn’t experienced the meaning behind this. But I definitely have! My favorite drinks combined. All I need is my blanket and some fuzzy socks. You will truly enjoy the notes of this candle. They include amaretto, whiskey, vanilla, rum, spice, cream, sugar, butter, tonka bean  & oak

Apple Strudel-  Funny story, I have said this word wrong all my life and no I’m not taking about Apple. My grandma would make my brother a cake. This was the only sweet thing he would eat. She had me pronouncing Streusel instead of Strudel. It wasn’t until I was coming up with a scent name after smelling the combination, that I realized I was saying it all wrong. This candle smells like grandma’s kitchen, and her telling me I couldn’t have any of his cake till he ate some. It gives you all the warm feels this time of year brings.  Top, middle and base notes of this candle include ginger, cinnamon, pear, almond, raisin, apple, allspice and pie crust.

It's Pumpkin - That time of year when people go pumpkin crazy. Top, middle and base notes include ginger, allspice, cinnamon, pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, chai, vanilla and molasses.

Berry Apple Bourbon - So over the summer I asked my Instagram followers a series of questions in a game we call THIS or THAT. I put up two pictures. one with apples and the other was a cranberry marmalade. I went to testing to see which one would work best. One day I was testing two candles at once. I came downstairs to find my living room feeling like I  need a blanket, book & my favorite drink. This smell embodies both scents. Top, middle and base notes include cranberry, apple, orange, cinnamon, bourbon, butter, maple, vanilla & clove.

 Sandra Faye's Pecan Pie - My momma only makes this pie once a year. This fragrance is RICH. Top, middle and base notes include sea salt, caramelized sugar, pecan, hazelnut, caramel, Tonka bean, vanilla and butter.

HoneyBee Spice - The sweet smell of honey, with a hint of smooth. Top, middle and base notes include bergamot, honey, amber, coriander, Tonka, musk, tobacco and oud. ( Smells like Honey Smacks)

Holiday Kisses - Great Christmas scent. Top, middle and base notes include red currant, eucalyptus, fir, pine, clove, cedar, and patchouli.

Carolina Christmas - Growing up we didn't always have a live tree but when we did, it smelt so good! As a adult I purchase a live tree only for the scent and this candle right here has it! Also every tree listed in the top middle and base notes are native trees to North Carolina. They include apple, pine, cedar, fir and cypress.

Drunk Pears - Just enjoying the holiday season with family and friends. Top, middle and base notes include cinnamon, nutmeg, pear, vanilla and brandy.

Breakfast at Grandma's - Growing up we did this thing. We always had breakfast on Saturday morning that included pancakes, country sausage, bacon and a glass of cold milk! It was like clockwork, My uncle Bunky would come all the time. He even walked to the house so he could walk it off. Guess what? Grandma still cooks pancakes on Saturday morning especially if she knows the crew is coming. This candle smells just like PANCAKES & LOVE (May come back soon) 

Oh...You Fancy - Sophisticated, slightly bougie. Top, middle and base notes include red currant, grapefruit, lemon, jasmine, geranium, peach and black currant.

Sweet Pea- Indulge your senses in the delicate symphony of peach, bergamot, sweet pea, mimosa, violet, and orange. Let the soft yet sweet aroma of Sweet Pea transport you to a blooming garden in early spring.

Vanilla Orchid- Experience the elegance and sophistication of Vanilla Orchid. Let the harmonious blend of orange, green leaves, jasmine, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla captivate your senses. Did you know that vanilla bean pods come from Vanilla Orchids? Discover the secrets behind this exquisite fragrance.

Bright- Take a nostalgic journey with the refreshing aroma of Bright. Close your eyes and imagine hanging light-colored clothes on a clothesline in the warm sunshine. The notes of orange, petitgrain, cotton, coconut, musk, wood, and powder will transport you back to carefree days. Let the comforting scent of petitgrain uplift your mood.

1960- Step into the captivating era of the 1960s with our unique fragrance, 1960. Let the harmonious blend of ginger, sea salt, patchouli, cedar, plumeria, clover, amber, and light musk whisk you away to a time of nostalgia and freedom. Experience the vibrant spirit of the 1960s.