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Lemon Pound Cake

The products arrived beautifully packaged with a couple of sweet treats inside. Such a great surprise. The candles are amazing. Long lasting. Slow burning. The scent is exactly how explained. Amazing! I will definitely purchase from Kindred Spirit again!

Jazmin R.

Exactly as advertised

Maybe even better than advertised. The scent is amazing! It’s soothing and triggers all kinds of happy feels. Love the care in the packaging complete with a hand-written note from Monique and peppermint candies.

Violette N.


Love these candles!

Gayle T.

The carpet fresh is now a must have for me. I love to mix the scents each time I vacuum; KS carpet fresh really leaves a lovely lingering fragrance for my entire home. Love it

Denise K.

Fast shipping, arrive early, and aroma coming from the single wicks absolutely delicious! I am able to attest the: Jamaica Please rosewater full bloom honeysuckle seven girl by a honeybee spice will exceed your expectations. *return customer for a reason.


My wife buys only this brand of candles. This is the only brand allowed in our house. I am thankful for this. All of the other candles she has purchased the smoke leaves soot marks or the smell is too strong I get a headache or you can't smell anything at all. Thank you Kindred Spirit for helping my wife to finally have found the candles that bring her spirit the most joy every time she lights them.